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Be Water, Play Wave

Be Water, Play Wave

/ M. Zohar / The introduction was generously translated by Issy Gershon 


We bathe in a sea of life: The waves are the water's motion,

And water always manifests as waves – water is unseen and waves are seen:

Water is the essence and vitality of all things,

And the waves are things as they are, appearing and disappearing.


Water is whole, water is alive, but the waves that think themselves separate

Are living in exile, and so not really living at all –

The waves keep transforming, all the time being born and dying;

When we identify and cling to a specific wave's name and form

We are afraid and lonely, unsatisfied – the waves are thirsty.

The waves are thirsty!


When we comprehend the relation

Between the dimension of water and the dimension of waves,

When we understand that the water dimension

Is nothing other than the understanding of the wave dimension,

When we realize the water nature of all waves

We are free to meet life peacefully and joyously,

Free to be water and to play the waves.


*      *      *


"Let us play the waves", said the water;

"Let us be water", said the waves.


In the dimension of Being,

Wave is not other than water;

In the dimension of Playfulness,

Water is not other than wave.


And now, in the twilight time between death and birth,

Between breath and breath;

Here, beyond thought of time and place –

Are we water? Do we wave?


Waving the water, watering the waves;

Playing be, being play:

To be – or not to be? To play – or not to play?

Be water, play wave.