Welcome to Bet Keshev 

Teachings and Meditation with M. Zohar and M. Arbel 

[(*) Bet Keshev is Hebrew for House of Mindfulness / Attentiveness 
(or Maison de Pleine Conscience, in French)]

Bet Keshev's approach is based on the Buddha's path and J. Krishnamurti's teachings, among others'.

At the heart of Bet Keshev is a way of offering mindful presence, a way of listening attentively and meeting ourselves and others in living joy and compassion; it is a way of being at ease with all that is, simply being present in open awareness and discovering the wonders of life in the present moment.

Bet Keshev is located in Kiryat-Tiv'on, in the north of Israel, where we offer workshops for groups and spiritual guidance for individuals.

Meir Zohar was a Buddhist monk for nine years. He has lived and learned in Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh's community, and he currently teaches the Buddhist path in a non-dual approach. 

Michal Arbel is an art therapist (M.A.), meditation facilitator, and certified spiritual care practitioner.  She practices Buddhist meditation as a way of life, and her path includes photography, creative art and writing. 

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